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Our services are focused on student visas. We provide specialist Immigration law advice and services. Our legal team will assist you in regularising your immigration status in our popular destinations. We offer services to our local, national and international clients.
Each application is unique so we ensure to provide be-spoke service to suit each client’s individual needs. Our fee structure is competitive, fair, and reflects the amount of work involved in each application.


If you want to study on a full-time course for longer than six months you’ll have to apply for a Visa in your home country. You need to do this before you travel to the country where you wish to study, and will have to make sure you allow plenty of time for the visa to be processed.

A Certificate of Acceptance for Study (CAS) number will be also be required for your student visa application – but we’ll help you with that once your offer of admission has been confirmed in one of our courses.

There are also a number of practical things to consider, such as accommodation, living costs, access to medical care, language issues and generally adjusting to life and study abroad.