Spanish Games Nights

Spanish Games Nights

Hispanophile Spanish Games Nights

Hispanophile provides a wide range of regular Educational & Social Cultural Sessions. All as extras to back up your studies. Socialising in Spanish with fellow students and teachers is a great way to practise material learned and enjoy a taste of the Spanish culture at the same time!

A little bit of educational fun just might be what you’re looking for. Traditional Spanish games are a wonderful way to practice your Spanish language skills in a funny environment.

These authentic games offer students a chance to activate multiple language competencies, and you can adapt them further for reading practice and writing practice.

There is also an important cultural element in teaching these games, and they give students a chance to think about connections between themselves and Spanish-speaking people their own age. We will practice with a a wide range of traditional Spanish games.

Do you know someone who might like to join our Hispanophile Spanish Games Nights? Just contact us to book your place. We can send you a gift voucher with details of the night.

To enrol please call or send us a WhatsApp message on +44 (0) 7926 383 496, email us at, or fill in the enrolment form, and we will provide you further information on our Spanish Games Nights.

It will be lovely to see you at a class very soon!
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