Spanish Idioms Workshops

Spanish Idioms Workshops

Hispanophile Spanish Idioms Workshops

Spanish idioms, or “modismos” as they are called in Spanish, are words or expression whose meaning cannot be completely understood solely from the words used.

This workshop will help learners to discover expressions and idioms to make their Spanish more natural and fluent, while developing awareness of Spanish culture.  You will be able to communicate more fully and fluently on a wider range of topical issues and everyday situations. 

This workshop is designed for learners of Spanish of all ages and levels. It is based on the tutor’s own materials.

Spanish Idioms Workshops are a good way to enjoy and improve your Spanish. To show true fluency in Spanish, try throwing in some of the Spanish idioms. They are not necessarily easy Spanish but will impress the locals without a doubt! Come and express yourself in Spanish!

To enrol please call or send us a WhatsApp message on +44 (0) 7926 383 496, email us at fill in the contact formand we will provide you further information on our Spanish Idioms Workshops.

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