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There are different ways to pay Hispanophile. Depending on the service you require we offer different payment options. We will provide you the right ones for each case.
The most common payment methods are as follow. However, as we work with many partners sometimes you will need to pay our partners directly.

Bank transfer
The easiest and preferred way is to pay by bank transfer and your payment will go direct into our account. Please put your full name and the service booked as a reference.

Card payments
We accept debit and credit card payments. Please check with us. Personal Debit & credit card payments from within the UK or EU don’t incur any charges. However, payments made by business cards and cards registered outside the UK & EU would incur a  percentage charge.

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We accept PayPal payments from customers paying from within the UK or EU. Please check with us as a payment processing fee would be applicable.

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If you have any queries please contact us on +44 (0) 7926 383 496.


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