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You can combine an Intensive Spanish course with an internship. This is a unique opportunity to fully immerse in Spanish life and learn new skills. We cover all fields of interest. Working in a foreign company is a very rewarding experience. You will improve your Spanish and put it into practice in the professional environment of your choice, while gaining a valuable insight into the real working world. Invest in your future.

You will be welcomed into the homes of our Spanish host families as a member of the family.

Hispanophile Spanish Conversation Workshops

“Study abroad is the single most effective way of changing the way we view the world.”- Chantal Mitchell

Modern Languages and many other degrees have the opportunity to study and/or work for up to a year in a country or countries relevant to your chosen language(s) / subjects. Residence Abroad can strengthen languages skills and employability in many ways, and provide a valuable and inspirational life experience.