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The combination of learning a language and doing sports never has been so much fun before. Combine your intensive language course with your favourite sports. For all the other sports lovers there is the possibility to play your favourite sport in the UK, Ireland, Malta or any other of our popular native English speaking countries.Choose below for the sport of your interest.

Football training with English lessons is a very popular programm for children and teenagers aged between eight and 17 years old. We offer different options with the popular English football clubs, such as Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City.
The trainers are certified football coaches who often come from the youth sections of the clubs running the summer camps. The coaching takes place primarily in the youth training centres of those clubs, though some programmes also include one or more training sessions in the club’s home stadium. A stay at the Manchester United Summer Camp includes a stadium tour of Old Trafford. Smaller clubs such as the Bolton Wanderers also offer interesting programmes combining English lessons with football training.
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Tennis is a hugely popular sport and courses that combine tennis with English tuition are available to children aged eight and over. The mornings are spent in the classroom studying English and the afternoons are spent on the tennis court. The students will be helped to improve and develop their skills by professional tennis coaches. They will learn all the strategic shots such as the smash, the lob and the drop shot, as well as all the fundamental techniques of the game.

Horse riding
Britain has a long history of horse breeding and horse-riding is a very important activity in the UK and Ireland. These courses offer the perfect opportunity for young people to improve both their English and their horse-riding skills in a pleasant environment. From beginners’ courses all the way up to professional training, combined with showjumping if desired, there is no limit to the possibilities available. English language and horse riding courses are available to children and teenagers aged between eight and 17 years old. English classes usually taking place in the morning so that the afternoon can be spent on horse riding or other leisure activities.

We can help you find a programme that combines high quality English lessons with first class golf tuition, either at a short-term summer camp, or as part of a longer stay at a boarding school. A range of courses are offered, from introductory courses for beginners to golf programmes for young people who are looking to improve their handicap. You will not only benefit from training on the driving range and the course, but also from the use of computer support for swing and shot analysis. A team of experienced teachers and golf professionals will be on site to supervise the participants around the clock.

English Courses for dance enthusiasts
If dance is your passion, we can recommend courses to you that combine English tuition dance programmes. Students will be supervised and taught by qualified language teachers and professional dance instructors. Participants will be able to learn different dance styles and genres, which they will showcase in a special performance at the end of the week. These courses include a varied evening activity programme plus day-trips.