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We offers bespoke student trips and tours to destinations across many native Spanish and English speaking countries across the globe. 

From fascinating educational tours right here in the UK, to unforgettable study trips in locations as far-flung as New York and San Francisco, our experts can design the perfect itinerary to fit your specific study topics.

We are here to provide a truly tailor made service for you so. We’ll work with you to design the trip that fits your study requirements so that your students can improve their knowledge whilst also giving them the right amount of time for essential wellbeing, bonding and confidence building.

Why to choose us

From start to finish we’ll be open about prices, programs and courses, accomodations available, recommendations and everything in between.

One size doesn’t fit all, and we’ll make sure your eduational trip is unique and tailored to your requirements.

We won’t cut corners, and only use suppliers and destination partners that provide a top-class quality service.

We won’t cut corners, and only use suppliers and destination partners that provide a top-class quality service.

How it works

We will plan your own unique educational trip as detailed as you’d like.

Before traveling abroad, we will always give you an updated information in regards of vaccines, medications or any related health information you need to know. In addition, consider whether you’ll need to bring emergency medications or extra supplies of your regular medications.

We also look up what documentation we will need for each country: Visa requirements,proof of vaccines,travel and health insurances, etc.

Build your list of cities. Under each city, create your list of saved ideas. Browsing for our native Spanish or English learning travel destinations with an open mind.

Everyone’s travel and learning style is as unique and different as their personalities. There is no right or wrong way to travel and learn, just different styles and preferences, all of which are valid.

We will create a list of things we’re interested in for your learning and destination: a few museums, cool neighborhoods to explore, a few excursions, some walking tours,outdoor activities, sports to practice, popular places to visit, etc, that sort of thing.

We will create a day-by-day itinerary from your list of cities, saved ideas and budget. A well-planned trip requires room for failure and flexibility. We recommend planning out a few day options to choose from: perhaps a group of activities all in one area, or a day of seeing museums, etc.

We will decide your accomodation based on whether we’ll be doing things nearby or not and many other personal preferences.

We want want your first moments in a destination to be as low-stress as possible.That first experience of leaving the airport and navigating to your accommodation is our first impression of a place, so we always want it to go smoothly!

We will arrange all local travels as part of an itinerary, typically airport or ferry to your accommodation.