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Hispanophile deliver highly-engaging and communicative-approach to Spanish language learning, whilst following the guidelines set by prestigious language and educational institutions. The key to fast learning is your immersion in all aspects of the new language. Following a plan that is tailored to your needs, our students speak Spanish from day one!

Spanish language and culture is our speciality.

The unique Hispanophile programmes and teaching methodology covers any age range and a variety of key topics.

Our philosophy focuses on teaching Spanish through engaging, games, story telling and drama, songs and music, mimic, etc., and many others classroom activities. We use and combine many different approaches. Grammar is the building blocks of any language and necessary for us to convey what we want to say properly. Teaching and learning grammar is essential. After studying grammar, learners are able to become more accurate when using a language. Without good grammar, clear communication is impossible. Proper grammar keeps you from being misunderstood while expressing your thoughts and ideas. A person with poor grammar skill can form a negative impression on others.